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Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management Services

Make your organization’s cybersecurity strategy proactive and effective. Keep an eye on threats, analyze risks, check the health of your tech systems, and act fast to fix any security problems.

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End-to-end Security Governance and Monitoring:

Stay ahead of cyber threats with smart security management

Bizionic Technologies, a top cloud services provider and cybersecurity expert, keeps your systems safe from start to finish. With Bizionic, get the latest security solutions, manage security policies, handle data systems, run security operations, and use smart cloud security tech. Keep an eye on your tech systems and workflows for threats, and get expert advice and support around the clock. Boost security across your organization with ease.

Did you know?
  • 60% of executives think that following cyber rules reduces risk.
  • 54% of organizations don’t fully understand cyber threats.
  • Only 25% of small businesses have cyber insurance.

Cybersecurity Governance and Assessment Model

Check Your Security Setup

Talk to people, write down what you find, and look at your security setup.

Manage Who Gets Access

Look at who can access what, and check secret info and user behaviour.

Handle Security Incidents

Look at any security problems and find out why they happened.

Stay Compliant

Look for security problems and make sure you’re following the rules.

Keep Your Network Safe

Check your network and firewalls to make sure they’re set up right.

Protect Your Data

Make sure your data is safe, both when it’s sitting still and when it’s moving around.

Cybersecurity Governance and Monitoring Model

Risk and Threat Identification
  • Instrumented warning

  • monitoring of threats

  • analytics for security

Examination and Eligibility
  • Evaluation and oversight of security

  • looking for threats

  • Escalation of the incident

Management of Incident Response
  • Response procedures that are automated

  • Planning a response

Advanced Managed Detection and Response Governance Framework

Enterprise systems on-premise
  • Platforms for clouds

  • Endpoints

  • Integrations with third parties

Threat Intelligence
  • Automation of Queries and Hunting

  • Data interpretation

  • Analysis of Threat Behaviours

Management of Alerts
  • Notifications for breaches

  • Malicious notifications or security risks

  • Risk alarms or infra-health

Examination and Reaction
  • Investigation of an incident

  • Orchestration of immediate response

  • Identifying the root cause, making strategic

  • changes, if needed

SOC Management Committee

Threat Detection
  • Event Analysis - Tier - 1

  • Event Analysis - Tier - 2

Threat Response
  • Incident Response (Tier - 3)

  • Forensic or Malware Analysis

Threat Hunting
  • Advanced Threat Protection

Metrics and Communication
  • Dashboard and Reporting

Threat Intelligence
  • Intel Analysis

  • Integration

  • Operations and Maintenances

Compliance Governance Model

Evaluation Services

Find where compliance might be lacking and plan out steps to fix it.

Implementation Services

Figure out the best ways to improve compliance, like new tools or processes.

Consulting and Advice

Give customized help with Governance, Compliance, and Risk Assessment, and make sure security measures are up to date.

Bizionic End-to-end Cybersecurity Governance and Delivery Framework

  • Initial Kick-off

  • Communications

  • As-Is/To-Be Business Alignment

  • Project Initiation

  • PMO Alignment

  • Delivery Alignment

  • Design and Solution Adoptions

  • Delivery Checks and Quality Control

  • Governance and Control

  • Knowledge Management

  • Feedback and Improvement

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Scope analysis

  • Kick-off meeting

  • Expectations assessment

  • Escalation Matrix sharing

  • Stakeholders Involvement Mapping

  • Process Understanding

  • Detailed Scoping

  • Gap Analysis

  • Final Roadmap

  • Strategic go-ahead

  • PRC/OPF Closure

  • High-level project planning

  • Team Alignment

  • Specifications Matching

  • Solutions Design

  • Delivery Alignment

  • D2R Process

  • PMO Assignment

  • Solution Testing

  • D2R Transition

  • Delivery Handover

  • HLD/LLD Sign-offs

  • SOP, CSA Closures

  • Security D2R

  • SOC Ops Blueprint

  • QC, SOC Checks

  • Delivery Sign-offs and Ops Handovers

  • Continual Improvement

  • G|SOC Delivery

  • Status Reporting

  • Periodic Meetings

  • ITSM Delivery

  • CR Process

  • Research and Content Development

  • Competence Building

  • SOPs, Training

  • CSAT Surveys

  • Periodic Alignment

  • SIP Projects

  • CRM Excellence

An Impact with Difference: Why Partner with Bizionic for
Enterprise Cybersecurity Transformation?


One of the top managed cybersecurity firms and the biggest application-focused managed cloud services provider in the world. services specifically for cybersecurity assessments.


pre-met standards for local, national, and international compliance, such as ISO, CSA, GDPR, HIPAA, SAMA, IRAP, and GXP certifications.


Seven Frameworks for Security Making use of CIS Critical Security Controls, MITRE ATT&CK, and other.


Extensive round-the-clock cybersecurity surveillance program.

Compliance as a service

Advanced Managed Detection and Response Solutions (MDR) are automated security solutions for threat prediction, detection, and response.

 SecOps Solutions and ServicesY

International proficiency in solutions and services for managed Security Operations Centers (SOCs).


A portfolio devoted to DevSecOps.


Comprehensive end-to-end IT and cloud stack cybersecurity consulting, assessment, and audit reporting services.


The Cybersecurity Incident and Response Team (CSIRT) for Advanced Bizionic Solutions.


Significant experience in threat management in securing large and complex environments.

Compliance as a service

Comprehensive expertise in publicly managed cloud security services: AWS, Azure, GCP, and Oracle Cloud.

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