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India had 1.14 billion mobile subscribers in 2023, of which about 700 million were smartphone users. The smartphone market is expected to reach 1.8 billion by 2026. As consumers are more often using their mobiles for products and services and becoming more frequent users of new buying channels such as social commerce, the typical consumer experience has become more sophisticated and complex, driving brands to create blended experiences, combining online and offline elements that speak of their product and services offerings.

At Bizionic, we deploy collective digital marketing strategies to promote brands, products and services, incorporating evolving marketing trends in India.


Digital Marketing Services in India

Social Media Marketing (SMM):

# By 2020, over 50 percent of India's population was accessing social networks. It was estimated that by 2025, this penetration of social networks would be 67 percent of the country's population. Social media marketing is one of India's most impressive digital marketing channels. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and so on give space for dynamic two-way correspondence. Online brands can invest a more significant part of their resources in these social media spaces. Thus, brands can’t pass up on the chance to get more eyeballs and need to advance their brands. Besides, social marketing makes it feasible for associations to interface with possibilities answer their inquiries and enter discussions!

Pay Per Click (PPC):

# Pay Per Click is one of India's best specified digital marketing services. The objective of PPC is to transform idle brands into connected prospects and proselyte them as purchasers. For instance, tapping on a social media show promotion can lead planned brands to one more page whose content gives more data about it. If they stay snared through the experience, they can make a buy. PPC advertisements are typically displayed as supported stories, item postings, or video promotions on search engines and social media marketing stages. Often, these social media advancements depend on profile interests and search terms.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

# Search engine optimization is deployed to make your website rank higher on online search engines like Google, Bing, and so forth. Assume a brand does an online search ‘On the most proficient method to heat a cake.’ If the search engine page of your recipe is among the top outcomes, the brand is bound to tap on it. Helping the SEO of your page by digital marketing services in India won’t just upgrade its online visibility and work on its traffic and movement. It is an SEO best practice to incorporate the brand's pertinent catchphrases and oversee joins in your substance to show up in the neglected ‘organic’ search records. You can also get help from digital apparatuses like Google Keyword Planner, Bing webmaster, Moz, Keywordtool.io, etc. Third-party referencing devices, for example, Ahrefs, Buzz Stream and Group High, can assist you with building backlinks and dissecting the contenders’ backlinks.

Email Marketing:

# Email offers a considerably more personal approach to interfacing with your designated brands. It is a kind of digital marketing that can make you stick out. You can offer select ‘insider’ content, special discounts, and customized content to your email supporters to cause them to feel exceptional. The appealing deals may likewise incite non-endorsers to pursue refreshes. Executing the high-level methods of email marketing by Bizionic digital marketing services in India doesn’t simply allow a brand to drive more deals and transformations but also fosters a feeling of steadfastness.
This digital marketing channel allows you to match your spending to users and know where they stand in their buying process. Your designated email mission could wind up in the spam organizer if your strategy doesn’t incorporate spam regulations.

Video Advertising:

# Social Media platform's video advertising is one of the most engaging and intelligent digital marketing channels. Digital marketing services in India do it. It incorporates digital marketing that encapsulates a video. Such marketing is played previously, during, or after the video transfer is complete. In the wake of watching the promotion, the watcher typically sees a source of inspiration to buy that item or administration or learn about it. With TV marketing, it is impossible to do something like this!

Contextual Marketing:

# Context marketing isn’t simply a type of marketing by Digital marketing services in India yet, in addition to a brand picture-building exercise. Here, the advertiser expects to propel the business without being a fanatic about the medium utilized.
Organizations can participate in digital marketing through visitor writing for a blog and buying blog surveys. The initial step is recognizing a stage with a critical covering crowd and high positioning pages. Follow this by advancing your substance on the online page to streamline your online presence.

Network Marketing:

# Network marketing is a branch-off of the social media marketing that utilizes the affiliations and gatherings existing all around the digital ecosystem. Everything revolves around recognizing a pool of forces to have reckoned with, wholesalers, or experts who can inform your designated crowd concerning the brand’s product and services. A brand must promote collections and gatherings and keep them refreshed and connected through its digital crusade. Furthermore, the Brand’s products and services might turn into the following digital sensation with a positive verbal exchange from them!

Content Marketing:

# Digital marketing services do content marketing. Content marketing is an approach to adjusting the substance of your digital marketing effort such that it accomplishes every one of the critical objectives and engage the target audience. This approach establishes expertise, promotes brand awareness, and keeps your business top of mind when it's time to buy what you sell.

Influencer Marketing: It Works.

In India, in recent years, influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy for brands looking to reach new audiences and drive sales. And it's no surprise that the influencer marketing industry in India increased by 45% in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 25% through 2025, with brands enjoying higher ROI and improved product/service awareness. Bizionic influencer marketing strategy focuses on creating consumers' brand awareness, admiration and online availing of product/service purchases. Intentions include a particular celebrity, sportspersons, and expert influencers in the promoted product vertical and service dynamics. Identifying the influencers' mediating role in brand representation is essential, as the attitude between influencer marketing and online purchase intention is highly dependent on achieving desired results.

At Bizionic, we will identify the suitable influencer that matches and represents the brands and products' marketing requirements. Our database of Influencers includes digital platform influencers, celebrities, sportspersons, radio hosts and entrepreneurs.

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Why Bizionic Digitech Solutions

The digitalization process in India is evolving at a tremendous pace as more users join the digital ecosystem; it creates massive opportunities for brands to promote their products/services to increasingly demanding customers.

Brands wanting to keep reaching this audience should choose Bizionic Digitech services as a digital marketing partner for India. At Bizionic digitech, we conduct preliminary market research, conducting potential customer and competitors’ analysis and strategizing/monitoring your digital marketing channels and how to utilize them for potential brand benefit. With Bizionic digitech services, brands can strategies and launch the correct digital crusade; brands can create engaging consumers' brand awareness, admiration and higher ROI with desired marketing objectives.


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