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Microsoft Azure Sentinel Consulting Services

Evaluate and comprehend how Microsoft’s modern security procedures can safeguard your company. Establish an intelligent, unbreakable cybersecurity posture.

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Leverage Azure Sentinel Consulting from Bizionic

Bizionic offers consulting services for Azure Sentinel to help your organization understand its IT and security needs for adopting the SIEM-SOAR solution. We’ll use specific Microsoft tools to figure out what you need and how to get there.

We’ll cover:

Security Gap Assessment

Proof of Concept

Deployment Blueprinting

Why choose Azure Sentinel for your business?

Azure Sentinel is like the king of Microsoft’s cloud security solutions. It’s part of a suite that includes Windows Defender, Cloud App Security, and Azure Security Center. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-based, smart system that manages security events and responses from start to finish.

Azure Sentinel works seamlessly with other security tools like Windows Defender and Azure Monitor. It also connects with third-party apps and tools for even more powerful threat detection and automation. Azure Sentinel easily connects with other security tools like Windows Defender, Azure Cloud Apps Security, Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Logic Apps, Azure AD, and more.

This platform offers:
  • Universal security monitoring
  • Active threat hunting
  • Detecting and fixing threats before they become a problem
  • Smart security analytics for all your IT stuff: computers, devices, servers, databases, and more.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Auditing

Discover the Bizionic Edge

Collects data from IT devices, users, applications, and networks, both on-premises and in multiple other cloud platforms connected to Azure. It integrates seamlessly with Azure-native and non-Microsoft security solutions to create a comprehensive security ecosystem.

Provides real-time security visibility and intelligent analytics across the entire IT landscape. It correlates alerts into incidents, uses machine learning for anomaly detection, maps network, and user behavior, and helps make informed cybersecurity decisions.

Offers intuitive and deep threat investigation capabilities across all IT resources and multiple cloud, edge, and IoT environments. Users can create custom alert detection rules, detect risk alerts and previously uncovered threats, and utilize Azure Sentinel’s AI capabilities for proactive threat hunting.

Azure Sentinel comes with built-in security orchestration and automation capabilities that digitize common threat management functions. Users can integrate it with various tools like Logic Apps, Azure Functions, and over 200 connectors for other Azure services, as well as enterprise tools like Jira, Zendesk, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for end-to-end automated security management.

Bizionic Expert Services in Azure Sentinel
Deployment and Management

Azure Sentinel Deployment
  • Investigate the client’s IT setup, processes, and dataflows, including any changes or alerts.

  • Collect client needs and show upfront savings with Sentinel.

  • Develop specific uses to improve how the client sees their cloud setup.

  • Check various logs and devices, whether on-site or in the Cloud, to find the right info for the job and for moving to the Cloud.

  • Help with getting logs onto the system.

  • Set up Sentinel and add log data with built-in or customized connectors.

  • Create dashboards and alerts.

  • Make templates for finding threats and setting up alerts.

  • Set up playbooks that run automatically when something’s wrong.

  • Share knowledge, provide training, and make guides for the client to use.

Azure Sentinel Management
  • Consistently adjust all rules based on infrastructure and compliance policies using the ATT&CK framework.

  • Managing incidents by finding the root cause and fixing the problem. Provide weekly and monthly updates on security status and any changes, along with advice on how to improve.

  • A dedicated technical account manager who knows the client’s setup well is needed.

  • Automated incident fixing saves money and time.

  • Offering detailed investigations by a team of experts to find out what happened during a security incident.

  • Giving recommendations based on understanding the setup.

  • Custom data collection is available even for apps that don’t log everything.

  • Creating custom tools to make sense of unorganized logs.

  • Continuously find and fix vulnerabilities and issues while keeping an eye on what the business is doing.

  • Using Endpoint Detection and Response alerts to see if there’s been a breach.

  • Linking vulnerabilities to specific computers. Finding vulnerabilities during investigations and fixing them.

  • Deciding what to fix first based on what’s most important for the business and what threats are out there.

  • Using Microsoft tools to help with fixing.

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