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Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure (OCI) Services

We offer Customised, Low-Cost Cloud Consulting Services that enable Higher Computing, Performance, and Ultimate Scalability.

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Overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Services, We offers

With expert cloud migration and strategy, we help enterprises plan and execute seamless migrations to the Oracle cloud. Our comprehensive migration framework covers the following:


Provides flexible options for bare metal and virtual machine compute with choices of different CPU, memory and storage configurations to optimize price and performance.


Offers low-latency block storage volumes and durable object storage with high availability and data redundancy mechanisms. Supports both traditional and modern apps.


Offers cloud-native development tools, API gateways, event services and workflows to build, deploy and scale cloud-native applications rapidly. Integrates CI/CD as well.


Fully-managed, high performance and auto-scaling database deployment options are available including flagship Oracle database, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.


Delivers high bandwidths and lower latencies globally through Oracle's dense private SDN and FastConnect solutions for connecting from colocation and on-premise data centers.


Provides unified console for monitoring usage metrics, logs, events across deployed resources for performance tuning, uptime tracking and cost optimization.


Multi-layered security framework spans DDoS protection, WAF, data encryption, Identity Access Management, OS security updates and more. Allows addressing complex compliance and privacy regulations.

With these robust capabilities for both infrastructure and platform services, OCI is a highly versatile cloud for running modern enterprise workloads.

OCI, a Distributed Cloud That Can Be Wherever You Need It

The only cloud that provides comprehensive cloud services worldwide, across clouds, or in your data centre.

  • OCI

    Make multiple clouds operate together. Oracle provides direct database connectivity with Microsoft Azure, as well as high performance interconnection.

  • OCI

    The only cloud that offers a consistent set of services and reasonable rates in both commercial and government public clouds.

  • OCI

    Trusted cloud solutions for almost any location, including Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, a highly optimised database as a service that is already available in over 60 countries.

  • OCI

    OCI Dedicated Region and Oracle Alloy are the only products that offer over 100 cloud services at public cloud pricing within your data centres.


Ongoing Optimization & Innovation

We drive 30%+ cost savings post-migration and provide continuous innovation via:


Rightsizing, purchasing model optimization, spot instance leveraging, and automation to lower TCO.


High-performance architecture design, database optimization, load testing, and latency reduction.


Migration of legacy apps to microservices, building new cloud-native apps, and leveraging serverless/containers to boost agility.

Well-Architected Framework Reviews

We conduct periodic well-architected reviews assessing your workloads on the five pillars of operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and cost optimization - providing actionable recommendations. Let us customize a strategy and roadmap to maximize ROI from your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) investments.

Why Choose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Services?

Here are a few key reasons why Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an effective and cost-efficient cloud platform:


OCI offers computing, storage, and services that scale to match application demands on an as-needed basis. As a result, expensive hardware infrastructure is no longer required.


You just pay for what you use with pay-per-use billing and no up-front infrastructure expenditures. Right-sized deployments lead to cost savings.


OCI ensures that your global clients can access your apps with minimal latency, even with data centres located all over the world.


OCI uses encryption and industry-best security procedures for all of its services. Data and applications are kept safe as a result.


In order to accommodate the newest technological developments, OCI is constantly growing its service offering, from virtual machines to serverless computing.


On OCI, developers can produce solutions more quickly because to managed services, pre-built templates, and integrated development tools.

In summary, OCI provides the flexibility, security, innovation, and cost-effectiveness to rapidly build, deploy, and manage scalable cloud applications globally. This makes it an appealing choice for many organizations.

Why Bizionic Technologies as Your OCI Consultant Partner

Here are some of the key reasons why Bizionic Technologies makes an excellent Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) consultant:


With years of extensive hands-on expertise in architecting, migrating and managing complex workloads on OCI, Bizionic brings in practical experience.


Our OCI certified architects, developers and admins ensure solutions follow Oracle best practices and deliver the highest performance.


We provide end-to-end support - right from assessments, migration planning to execution, optimization and managed services - ensuring smooth cloud adoption.


Rather than one-size-fits-all, we tailor OCI deployment, architecture and configurations to your unique requirements.


Keeping up-to-date with latest in OCI and cloud-native technologies ensures we architect optimized and innovative solutions.


We advise taking a cloud-smart approach balancing performance, scalability, security and cost considerations specific to each workload.

With Bizionic as your OCI specialist, you get the expertise to navigate OCI effectively, maximize ROI and keep innovating on the cloud. Our combination of skills, expertise and hands-on experience makes cloud adoption successful for complex workloads.



  • 1. What is the key benefit of using Oracle cloud infrastructure?

    Oracle Cloud provides extensive security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, and network security controls. These features help safeguard your data from unauthorised access and cyber threats.

  • 2. How does Oracle cloud infrastructure work?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services enable the automation and centralization of end-to-end operations by connecting any application and data source. The wide range of connectors, including prebuilt adapters and low-code customisation, make cloud migration easier while also easing hybrid and multicloud operations.

  • 3. What are the main benefits of using Oracle cloud infrastructure?

    Oracle cloud infrastructure offers numerous advantages to businesses. The advantages are so great, in fact, that it is nearly hard to decide against switching company operations to an OCI platform. The following are some compelling arguments in favour of switching to the OCI platform:

    • Accessibility Anywhere, with Any Device

    • Ability to Get Rid of Most or All Hardware and Software

    • Centralized Data Security

    • Higher Performance andAvailability

    • Quick Application Deployment

    • Instant Business Insights and Continuity

    • Price-Performance and Cost Savings

  • 4. Which primary security features does Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provide?

    Oracle created the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure architecture to ensure platform security through segregated network virtualization, highly secure firmware installation, a managed physical network, and network segmentation.

  • 5. Isn't Oracle Cloud just for large businesses? Can I start small and then expand?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is made so that businesses of all sizes can use the services that best suit their requirements. Customers can transfer the entire suite or a portion of it, depending on their needs and later, scale up as per their organisation needs.

  • 6. Is our Company Data Safe in Oracle Cloud? How Secure is OCI?

    OCI places a high value on security. Oracle provides core-to-edge security, which includes enhanced customer isolation, customer data protection, protection against internet threats, and highly automated threat resolution. To improve security, Oracle provides Cloud@Cus- tomer, which grants access to all OCI features within the client's firewall.

  • 7. How Does Oracle Cloud Differentiate from the Market Leaders?

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides functionalities that are not comparable to AWS or Azure. These include the Gen2 Platform, a set of Bare Metal solutions, Autonomous Database Services, and RDMA Clustered networking for HPC. Oracle's excellent networking design provides clients with consistent performance and isolation, distinguishing it from competitors' virtualized, oversubscribed platforms. Oracle Cloud also provides other cost benefits:

    • Autonomous function helps reduce maintenance costs.

    • Low-cost Block Storage

    • Low cost Egress (Network Outbound Cost)

    • Built specifically for enterprise applications such as EBS, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards, and other key ERP systems.

    • Oracle's primary goal with its Security First Architecture has been to make it as secure as possible.

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