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Backup Services

We offer Customised, Low-Cost Backup Solutions for Your Infrastructure, Apps, Processes or entire IT Environments.

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Overview of Backup Solutions, We offers

Businesses can use cloud backup solutions to send copies of files, databases, or virtual machines to secondary off-site sites. The idea is to keep these copies in case a disaster or failure occurs. Bizionic Technologies offers efficient and cost-effective Backup Solutions for industries of all sizes.


Back Up
Directly to the Public Cloud
Back Up
to a Service Provider
Back Up
Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C)
Back Up
from On-Premises Data to the Cloud

There are numerous sorts of cloud backup services. Bizionic Technologies can provides backup solution’s as backup data directly in the public cloud, employ a dedicated cloud backup provider, backup from one cloud to another, or setup on-premises backup to save data to the cloud.We ensure that your business works smoothly while we recover your backup infrastructure.

Ongoing Optimization & Innovation

We drive 30%+ cost savings post-migration and provide continuous innovation via:


Reduces complexity through automation and unified management to meet your SLAs


Delivered as a Service (DaaS) with consumption-based pricing and super-efficient data reduction technologies


Built-in encryption with data immutability for safety against ransomware; protection templates to comply with rules and regulations.

Well-Architected Framework Reviews

Backups don't ensure recovery, but we do. Your’s operations manuals are outdated, your’s production environment is changing too quickly to keep up, your’s backup data is corrupted or you don't even know if your’s recovery strategy will work. Whatever the reason, Bizionic Technologies is the industry specialist in backup and recovery. Let our team handle everything for your backups. We ensure constant monitoring of your’s Backups and Recoveries, and are available 24/7 for technical help.

Be Safe, with Bizionic Technologies’ BACKUP AND RECOVERY Services


The Most Complete And Safe Acronis’
Cloud Backup Services Provider!

Everyone knows that their data is their most valuable asset, but an incredible percentage of small and medium-sized businesses take just the most basic precautions to preserve it, inevitably paying the price for leaving their data vulnerable to cyber threats, human mistake, and natural disasters.

While backing up data on servers and devices on-premises has long been the go-to strategy for businesses, you need a more robust overarching solution to deal competently with the rising threats of general malware, targeted cyber attacks, and the ever-present danger of natural disaster, not to mention human errors such as accidental deletion.

As Gold Level Resellers for Acronis (one of the major cloud backup providers), Bizionic Technologies offers a comprehensive, simple, and cost-effective solution for data backup and recovery.

We assist you in implementing a swift recovery plan, which can result in tens of thousands of dollars saved in the event of a disaster. You have the certainty that your data is securely backed up, as well as the peace of mind that comes with RTO/RPA SLAs that correspond to operational requirements.


Data Backup and Recovery Solutions


Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android, make sure all of your crucial data is backed up and ready for quick recovery with malware protection.


Keeping up with licences, upgrades, and space management may be time-consuming. We fulfil your needs with advanced Virtual-to-Physical backup options designed for the most demanding and complicated IT infrastructures.


One solution for backup, recovery, and protection against viruses and ransomware. You also get access to file sync and share functionality, blockchain file notarization, and e-signature—all from a single console.


Get the tools and functions you need to safeguard your devices from anywhere, with backup to your preferred storage option and recovery whenever and wherever you need it.


Get Your Data Backup Quickly with Veeam Backup Ecosystem Services

Most businesses lack the necessary expertise and funds to implement data protection policies that align with their present and future business requirements. Bizionic Technologies provides total protection for your data from all hazards, including negligence, cyber threats, and natural disasters.

Recovery is an essential part of a comprehensive backup strategy. Bizionic Technologies, as preferred partners of Veeam (a prominent global cloud backup service), offers you the tools and resources you require for secure backup and reliable recovery. The Veeam-Bizionic partnership provides you with more than just data security assurance; you also obtain RTO/RPA SLAs tailored to your company's needs and operations.

We guarantee a rapid recovery SLA so you don't have to rely on your cloud provider to get your data back. We create a 360-degree recovery strategy that can save you tens of thousands of dollars in the unfortunate case of data loss due to any cause — natural or manmade.


Building a Better Backup Ecosystem

  • Enhanced data backup and recovery with stronger automation capabilities, improved security, and flexible mobility to handle any workload.

  • Faster to market, supported by technical specialists, and using exclusive tools and materials.

  • Control over even the most remote data sources, including difficult-to-access devices like remote PCs, handheld devices, and cloud-based devices.

  • Ability to restore data to the original or dissimilar devices.

  • Direct data restoration to your devices from the cloud.

  • Flexibility to scale as your business grows.

  • User-friendly regulations to quickly monitor and manage the service on a departmental level.

  • Control over access based on specific positions and tasks assigned to certain employees.

  • With an easy-to-use management portal, manage your backup and restoration environments from a central, and remote, or any location.

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Why Bizionic Technologies as Your Backup Service’s Partner

Here are the top reasons to choose Bizionic Technologies as your Backup and Recovery Consultant:


Bizionic provides backup options based on network size, the number of streams backed up in parallel, and the performance of cloud storage targets. We ensure that the service you choose satisfies your recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).


We use WAN optimisation for cloud backup services to ensure efficient block-level data deduplication throughout the network. This is critical for a backup efficiency service's capacity to compress and deduplicate data on-premises before sending it to the cloud.


We prefer that clients employ private keys, multiple cloud accounts, and object locking for data encryption and credential management. This helps to cover the logical "air gap" between backup data and the primary storage, reducing the danger of ransomware affecting your backups.


We guarantee backup reliability. Confirming where backups will be stored and ensuring that they are collocated with other services and do not pose a risk to your data.


We offer value-added services such as archiving, search, e-discovery, and ransomware prevention. Note that, these features might come at additional cost.


Our backup solution allows you to easily migrate data between on-premises locations and public cloud. For example, before on-premises virtual machines (booted in a public cloud), they are already altered or seeded with the appropriate drivers. For cloud-based disaster recovery, that is a very bare-metal support.


Our cloud backup solutions are feature-rich. We offer managed backup solutions, which allow users to automatically establish retention policies and schedule backups based on organisational requirements.


We offer value-added services such as archiving, search, e-discovery, and ransomware prevention. Note that, these features might come at additional cost.


We guarantee that the service level agreement (SLA) fulfils your organization's recovery time target (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO).


We determine the geographical coverage of services for clients and physical data centres (locations). Data location has an impact on performance for local users, as well as compliance and data sovereignty.

In short, Bizionic Technologies provides backup services that provide the reliability and features you require at the lowest feasible cost, taking into account particular issues such as data mobility and backup users' geographical location.



  • 1. How does Acronis and Veeam backup works?

    The Acronis backup solution preserves an image file for future recovery. You can also use the Disc Clone tool to copy and move all of the contents on your HDD. This is an excellent tool for migrating to a larger HD or a new machine.

    Veeam's Agent tool generates a VSS snapshot, compresses it, and replicates it to the appropriate place. It can also copy an entire volume data block or build a volume within the backup file to do file-level backups.

  • 2. Is there a free version of Acronis Clone?

    Acronis AOMEI is a free disc cloning software for Windows. It enables you to clone a disc or partition onto another. Clone Mac is highly recommended for Max. It allows you to build a clone image of your Mac system and restore it to another Mac. An open-source application for Linux OS is called Back in Time. It allows you to clone files, folders, and systems in Linux.

  • 3. What’s better..to clone a hard drive or image a hard drive?

    Cloning allows for speedy recovery, but imaging gives you more possibilities. For example, an incremental backup snapshot saves many photos in less space...is ideal if you need to roll back to a previous version of your disc image.

  • 4. Is Veeam a part of VMware?

    Veeam and VMware are strategic partners who work together to provide data and application accessibility and availability anywhere, at any time. Together, they secure your workloads and help organisations reduce risk, saving both time and money.

  • 5. Which backup system is the best?

    It's difficult to answer because this isn't a one-size-fits-all scenario. It is determined by your business's needs, budget, speed requirements, and so on. Overall, Acronis True Image is one of the greatest options available; it is not only the most powerful online backup tool, but it also incorporates antivirus and ransomware protection. Other options include Veeam, IDrive, Backblaze, and Carbonite Safe. Veeam is also an excellent data backup solution for cloud data management. Veeam's single platform can help you modernise your backup solutions, accelerate your digital transformation, and keep your data secure. However, always sure to read the fine print to avoid paying for some- thing you may not need.

  • 6. What if my recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) are complex?

    Bring it on! Your requirements could be as simple as pointing to a high-performance, high-availability target for your existing deployment, or as complex as having multi-site backups with reserved compute instances that can be spun up if needed. Bizionic Technologies can handle even the most complex backup requirements.

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